Road guidance

Ethno Village Štavna is located just under the slopes of mountain Komovi in the North East of Montenegro. It is connected by quality asphalt road with the mountain pass Trešnjevik which is only 4 km away. Trešnjevik pass is the highest (1600 m altitude) point of the road Mateševo - ​​Andrijevica. To get to Ethno Village Štavna, you have to drive 22 km from Andrijevica, 20 km from Mateševo​​, 30 km from Kolašin and 100 km from Podgorica.


Mountain Komovi, located in immediate vicinity, are one of the three most impressive mountain ranges of Montenegro and the Dinar Mountain Range. Its main characteristic is that they are surrounded with tame environment, "suddenly" arising with its vertical, brittle, hundreds of meters high cliffs. Komovi spread between mountains Bjelasica and Prokletije and rivers Lim and Tara.